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Are you seeking a rewarding job that will allow you to serve your country and make a difference in society? Look no further than the wide range of jobs in Australia in the public sector. Applications are open to apply for the Australian Government Jobs 2023. There are thousands of job openings in Australian Government organizations and agencies. The organizations are searching for enthusiastic applicants that are eager to work with them.

As an Australian Government employee, your work directly contributes to the development of policies, programs, and services that benefit the nation and its people. Jobs with the Australian Government offer competitive pay and a variety of benefits.

Government jobs provide an excellent work-life balance. Many employees benefit from working in a flexible workplace. They offer a variety of job paths from which to pick. Individuals seeking meaningful work in Australia can pursue a variety of career pathways with the Australian government.

The Australian government offers jobs in many fields. All of these fields are discussed in this post. To know detailed information about the government of Australia jobs, read the full article below.


About Australian Government Jobs 2023 

  • Job Country: Australia
  • Available Positions: Multiple
  • Job Type: Govt of Australia Jobs

Available Jobs in Australian Universities

The Australian Universities that are affiliated with Government offer many job positions for foreigners. Some of them are as follows;

Each of the above Universities offers a different opportunity for candidates.

  • At Melbourne University, you will find the role of academic staff and research staff.
  • At the University of Queensland, you will find the role of Professional and technical staff.
  • At Monash University, you will find the role of general and administrative staff opportunities.
  • At Australian National University, you will find the role of academic and research staff and professional service staff.

List of Australian Government Jobs 2023

1. Rescue and Fire Department Jobs in Australia

The Government of Australia requires employees for their fire departments and rescue, therefore there are numerous unfilled positions. This is a technical job; not everyone can undertake lifesaving activities. For this job, applicants must have a strong heart and will. Nurses, doctors, firefighters, rescue teams, and medics are among the positions available.

Before applying for this position, applicants must have a driver’s license and be physically fit. You also have the ability to work under extreme conditions. The average salary for Rescue and fire department employees is up to $28,845 to $60,000 annually.

2. Australian Government Banking Jobs 

The banks of the Australian Government offer several types of employment. The available Jobs in Australian Banks are; financial analysts, customer service representatives, tellers, loan officers, accountants, auditors, and branch managers. You are eligible for these positions if you have a bachelor’s degree in finance or banking.

The average salary for banking employees is up to $32,062 to $87,000 per year.

The list of some banks is below;

  • ANZ bank
  • Bank Australia
  • Bank of Queensland
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia

3. Australian Forces jobs

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) offers jobs for highly skilled and professional candidates. The available jobs in ADF include; intelligence officer, infantry soldier, pilot, army, navy, Air traffic controller, logistics officer, tank crew member, and medic.

To apply you must fulfill all the eligibility requirements of the job.

The average salary for ADF employees is up to $35,852 to $78,658 per year.

4. Healthcare Jobs in the Australian Government 

The Australian government offers a large number of healthcare workers job positions every year. The job in health care involves several roles including doctors, nurses, administration, and staff. If you have a degree in healthcare science or a related field then you can apply for these jobs.

The average salary for healthcare workers is up to $32,000 to $66,000 per year.

To apply for healthcare workers visit the official website below.

Official website 

Also, see:

Government Jobs Career pathways

Many employment available for those candidates who are looking for a career in public service. To enhance the career of candidates, the Australian Government offers training and development.

The career pathways of Government Jobs in Australia for the academic year of 2023 are listed below.

1. Cadetships and Sponsorships

In the Government of Australia jobs, sponsorship, and Cadetships are the best way for people to pursue their careers in the public sector. These programs will develop valuable personal abilities. The respect, confidence, responsibility, and loyalty to build the skills of life like; a sense of service, empathy towards others, resilience, and teamwork. You are allowed to choose from many sponsorship and cadetship that best suits you.

2. Graduates Trainee Programs

The Australian government offers training programs and these programs will help the candidates to find a job opportunity in the Australian Public Service (APS). The time period of this program is 1 year. This will allow you to learn more skills for your future.

3. Working in Australian Government departments

Candidates get the best experience if they get a chance to work in the Australian Government departments. They get an opportunity to work with various Government sectors and departments and also have a chance to learn about their policies and procedures. It gives you an opportunity to improve your research and writing skills.

4. Trainee, Apprentice jobs in Australia

The Australian government offers a number of training programs for trainees, school leavers, and apprentices. These training programs in Australia help the candidates to build up their careers and prepare themselves to get a job and perform a duty. Candidates learn over time and gain experience working in different fields and sectors, which leads to the career or path their choices for themselves.

5. Internships pathways

The Government of Australia offers internships in a number of fields that will allow you to refine and learn about your skills which will help them to build your career. The time period of these Internships is from a few weeks to a few months. During this duration, you will get a lot of experience, and your skills get polished.

6. Veterans hiring

This program in Australia will help veterans to pursue their career opportunities in Australian public service (APA). This program will train you on how to make an effective resume and also teach you interview techniques.

7. Career change program in Australia

The Australian government offers a career change program. This program provides support and offers resources to plan a career and search for a job position.

Other Jobs Positions in Australia

Benefits of Australian Government Jobs 2023

Government Jobs in Australia offer many benefits and perks to employees. The benefits are below;

  • Training
  • Good salary
  • Paid holidays
  • Health insurance
  • Work-life balance
  • Development opportunities
  • Flexible working arrangements


In this post, we will explain in detail about Government jobs in Australia, their benefits, and also jobs offered by Australian universities. Before applying for the job you must read the complete article discussed above.

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