Bolaji Ogunmola: Biography, Age, Husband, Movies & Net Worth 2023

Bolaji Ogunmola is one of the most beloved faces in the Nigerian entertainment industry; although one has a hard time deciding whether she is loved for her existing abundance of natural talent, or simply for her physical endowments. Blessed with an exceedingly curvy body structure, she poses a serious distraction to any movie set, or any innocent bystander who happens to be in the vicinity when she walks by.

Bolaji Ogunmola has taken good advantage of her body and looks, and she has built a stellar career for herself; taking the Nigerian entertainment industry by storm, and building what can potentially become a one woman empire.

In this post we want to discover the details about this beautiful, and exceedingly blessed individual; paying attention to her journey so far in the industry, and how she came to find herself in such an enviable position.

Bolaji Ogunmola: Biography, Age, Husband, Movies & Net Worth [year] 1

Bolaji Ogunmola Profile

Real Name: Omobolaji Ogunmola

Stage Name: Bolaji Ogunmola

Date of Birth: April 21

Place of Birth: Lagos Nigeria

Occupation: Actress, Model, Social Media Influencer

Bolaji Ogunmola Biography

Bolaji Ogunmola was born in Lagos, Nigeria, sometime in the early 90’s. She was born to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ogunmola who hail from Oyo State. She is the first of three children born to the family, as well as the only girl. Bolaji Ogunmola attended Philomena Nursery and Primary School, Ebutte Metta, Lagos, and she also attended Yinbol College, Ibadan. When it was time for higher education she went to the University of Ilorin, and she still studied at the National Open University, where she studied Business Management and Entrepreneurship. To further improve her skills as an actress she went to the Royal Arts Academy, Surulere.

She once revealed that she was very self conscious and shy during her younger years; she was not very comfortable with her stature and figure, and she did not enjoy the teasing from her mates at the time. This self consciousness progressed into early adulthood; even when she was encouraged to pursue a career in modeling, she refused because she did not think that she stood a chance, on account of her busty figure.

Nevertheless, Bolaji Ogunmola was born with this playful; restive spirit. She is a person who likes to make jokes, and to make people laugh. Having seen these traits in her, and understanding what potential it could represent; she was encouraged to join the performing groups at her church. A brief stint at the church choir was unsuccessful because she is not a very good singer.

She was then drafted into the church’s drama group. Her first play was the biblical story of Esther in which she played the lead role; her acting was recommended; and she received a lot of praise for her performance.

Career Progression

It was from that church stage play that she started picking an interest in acting; and she started looking for avenues to do it as a profession. She stated that her parents encouraged her in her decision to take up acting as a career. She participated in the Next Movie Star Academy; where she displayed an abundance of talent, and caught the eye of the judges and a host of directors.

Some of her earliest forays into acting were Uduak Isong’s “Okon goes to School.” After that she starred in Sobi’s Mystic. From there on it was clear that she had broken into the Nollywood Scene. She had established herself as an actress to watch, and a sweetheart of the Nigerian audience.

Her acting style is versatile; she is very good with those roles that portray a young hustler, coming from bottom while fighting for her ambition with both her brains and her beauty.  She has spoken English, Pidgin, and Yoruba in movie roles; her versatility with languages is another strong point that will boost her career.

Perhaps as a show of self confidence and self acceptance; there are revealing pictures of herself plastered all over the internet. Yes, this once shy baby girl is now a full-fledged woman; one who is confident in her body.

As mentioned in the introduction; she has plenty of talent as an actress. Bolaji Ogunmola has also managed to keep audiences spell bound with her physic; research has shown that half her audience is only interested in how she looks and structure of her body, while the other half actually enjoys her acting.

Is Bolaji Ogunmola Related To Peju Ogunmola?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by her fans. Most are curious if Bolaji Ogunmola is related to Peju Ogunmola. The answer is No, Bolaji Ogunmola is not the daughter or niece of Peju Ogunmola or these two actors are not related by blood in any form. They are just both professionals in their fields plying their trades differently. One striking thing is that they have never acted any roles together as of today.

Other Related Activities

She has managed to cash out on this amazing body that she was blessed with; she has built a sizable social media following, and she has also managed to establish a side hustle as a social media influencer. Bolaji Ogunmola posts promotional tweets and stories on her social media handles, thus making her some good money as an advertiser. She also works with fashion brands as a model; her photos are used to sell fashion and beauty products.

Bolaji Ogunmola: Biography, Age, Husband, Movies & Net Worth [year] 2

Bolaji Ogunmola Movies

In her young career; Bolaji Ogunmola has already established herself as one of the biggest talents of what is often described as the “New Nollywood.” She has starred in several movies and television shows. Some of her more popular movies include;

Okon Goes To School

Lekki Wives (Television Series)



Jenifa’s Diary (Television Series)

Living Next To You (Television Series)

Tough Love

Squatters (Television Series)

Out of Luck

On Bended Knees

Progressive Tailors Club

Awards and Accolades

In her young career, Bolaji Ogunmola has already received several awards and accolades; including:

City People Movie Award for Best Upcoming Actress of the Year (English)

City People Movie Award For Best New Actress (English)

At the 2020 Best of Nollywood Awards, she won the award for Revelation of the Year (female).

Bolaji Ogunmola Age

Bolaji Ogunmola was born on April 12, but her exact date of birth is not available. Judging from her appearing she could be 27 years old. On her birthday she usually receives greetings from colleagues, friends and well wishers, and she regularly posts stunning pictures as well.

Bolaji Ogunmola Husband

Bolaji Ogunmola is not married yet; but a beautiful woman like that is certainly not short of attention from men. As a result of this abundance of male attention, she seems to be taking her time so as not to make a wrong choice. In an interview she stated that she just wanted a responsible and caring man. However, there are also some physical stipulations; she wants a fair skinned, tall, and rich man. Thankfully, there are many such men in Nigeria, so we should be hearing wedding bells anytime soon.

Bolaji Ogunmola further stated that she is celibate; sex is not really an important factor in a relationship. She stated that if sex is the only thing a man wants in a relationship then he might as well leave.

She further stated that though she wants a light skinned man; she does not support skin bleaching in any form; and that skin bleaching is a turn off for her. Another turn off is not having money; she said that she considers money to be an important part of any relationship. It is one reason why she is independent and hardworking, because she wants to be financially comfortable.

Bolaji Ogunmola Net Worth 2023 – 90Million Naira

Bolaji Ogunmola is estimated to be worth around 90 Million Naira. The money comes from her acting roles, as well as from her work as a fashion model. She is also a big social media aficionado, and so she makes a lot of money from social media; she does promotional posts, and also receives a share of the ad revenue generated by her social media accounts.

Bolaji Ogunmola Contact

As mentioned above she is very active on social media; she can be contacted via her social media handles:

Instagram: @bolajiogunmola

Twitter: @OgunmolaBolaji

Random Facts About Bolaji Ogunmola

Bolaji Ogunmola is a Nigerian actress well known for her busty physique. She speaks English, Yoruba, and Pidgin Fluently. She is a Christian; and so is her family. She has two brothers. Bolaji Ogunmola is Left Handed. She stated that her role models include Biodun Stephens, Mo’ Abudu, and Oprah Winfrey.

She likes to live a private lifestyle; she says she enjoys cooking and sitting down at home watching TV. She says she hates spiders and a dirty environment. From her reclusive lifestyle one can also deduce that she hates gossips and false friends; which probably explains why she is usually indoors, in front of a screen whenever she is not at a movie set. Bolaji Ogunmola has very much an introvert; she does not have that many friends.

That is how much we can cover about the beloved Bolaji Ogunmola; Nollywood sweetheart, and social media influencer. She is one of the best talents in the industry; and when it comes to her physical body; there is hardly anyone who can challenge her for shape and curves. Bolaji Ogunmola has already started winning accolades for her work; it is fully expected that she will continue to win more and more accolades in the future.

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