Soongsil University Scholarship 2023 in South korea

Are you looking for Fully-Funded scholarships in South Korea?  We have Good News for you Applicants are encouraged to apply for the Soongsil University Scholarship 2023 in South Korea. Soongsil University Scholarships offers fully-funded scholarships for international students who want to study for a Masters’s or Ph.D. degree. 

The scholarships are the Fully-Funded and applicants from all over the world are eligible to apply. It’s an awesome opportunity for international students to pursue their studies in South Korea. We encouraged you to must apply for the Soongsil University Scholarship 2023 in South Korea.

The system Software lab in the Computer Science Department at Soongsil University, Seoul, South Korea is recruiting a student to pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. course for the Fall 2023 semester.

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Soongsil University Scholarship 2023 Details

  • Host Country: South Korea
  • Degree: Master, PhD
  • Duration: 2 to 5 years
  • Financial support: Fully Funded
  • Last date to apply: 30 May 2023

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Parallel computing models, Massively parallel algorithms, Parallel programming languages; OpenCL, BLAS, GEMM, Auto-Tuning, GPU, FP16, CUDA, Batched GEMM, HPC


Tuition fee.
It will be fully covered by the scholarship.

• Master: 500,000 krw( korean wons )/ month.
• Ph.D: 1,000,000 krw( korean wons )/ month.

• It will be provided to the student based on His / Her preference (dormitory or separate room nearby University).

Note: (Accommodation is fully funded i.e. student doesn’t need to pay security money for the room, nor the per month rent from his / her salary mentioned above.)

• The lab gives extra bonuses based on punctuality and work contribution
• Students are financially supported to attend international conferences if they publish International or domestic research papers

SSLAB provides modern facilities (hardware and software) for research related to the above-mentioned topics.

* Majors.*
• Candidates who majored in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and Computer Science, are preferred.

• CGPA. > 3.0/4.0

• IELTS > = 6.0 (IELTS is compulsory nowadays for applying for Korean visa and university requirement)
• Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed via Skype in the English language)

The application process for the Soongsil University Scholarship 2023 in South Korea is entirely online. You need to apply along with the required documents. For more details and to apply please visit the official website the link is given below.

Official Website for the Soongsil University Scholarship

International student scholarship (Soongsil Global Scholarship

1. the first semester of New Students: Differential payment of tuition fees depending on the admission score

Criterion Scholarship rate
Admission Scholarship (A)
<Language Excellence 1>
TOPIK Level 5 or higher Tuition 100% waived
TOPIK Level 4 Tuition 70% waived
TOPIK Level 3 Tuition 40% waived
High scores in Soongsil Korean Proficiency Test Tuition 30% waived
Admission Scholarship (B)
<Language Excellence 2>
Applicants who have completed level 4 or higher of Korean Language Course at Soongsil International Education Institute (necessary to satisfy the completion criteria) Tuition 40% waived
Applicants who have completed 1 or more than 1 semester of Korean Language Course at Soongsil International Education Institute (necessary to satisfy the completion criteria) Entrance fee waived

※ The criterion and scholarship rate above can be changed according to the University policy.

※ Admission scholarship is valid only for the first semester.

※ Only one type of admission scholarship is awarded to a student. However, in the case of admission scholarship(B) <Language Excellence 2>, an entrance fee waiver can be combined with another scholarship.

2. Continuing Students (from the 2nd semester)

Soongsil Global Scholarship

GPA Scholarship rate
TOPIK Level 4 or higher Below TOPIK Level 4
students entered before 2018 3.5 or higher 60% 35%
3.0 ~ less than 3.5 55% 35%
2.5 ~ less than 3.0 35% 15%
students entered after 2018 Above 4.0
3.5 ~ less than 4.0 60% 30%
3.0 ~ less than 3.5 50% 30%
2.5 ~ less than 3.0 25% 10%

※ Minimum of 12 credits required in the previous semester.

※ Depending on the previous semester’s GPA and Korean proficiency of TOPIK level 4~6, the scholarship will be granted accordingly for the following semester as above.

(You should submit TOPIK Level 4-6 score report to the office of International Affairs.)

Soongsil Global Scholarship(for students of high level in TOPIK)

Criterion Scholarship
① Students of TOPIK Level 5 or higher
* However, if you have received a scholarship with TOPIK level 5 or higher upon admission, this scholarship is not eligible.
* Granted only once during the enrollment period (re-entering the university is recognized as consecutive enrollment periods)
※How to apply
– Submit TOPIK level 5 or higher score report to the office of International Affairs.
– Make sure to enter your Korean bank account information in u-SAINT

※ The criterion and scholarship rate above can be changed according to the University policy.

※ Soongsil Global Scholarships (for excellent students) cannot be duplicated with other scholarships on campus.

※ Scholarships are not provided for exceeding the regular semester.

※ The maximum semesters eligible for scholarships are as follows.

8 semesters for freshmen, 6 semesters for 2nd year transfer students, and 4 semesters for 3rd year transfer students

Enrollment of scholarship recipients

  • You should pay the scholarship-reflected tuition fee in the same way.
  • Even if you have received the full tuition as a scholarship, you must pay the mandatory categories to be registered. If you do not pay the mandatory categories, you will be expelled.
  • A full scholarship student with a payment amount of “0 KRW” indicated on your notice must also complete “0 KRW transfer” process to be enrolled.

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